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Creating a powerful and engaging webinar presentation is akin to capturing lightning in a bottle.

It takes a lot of focus, time, and attention to think through the needs of your audience and ensure the information you share not only captures their imagination but also drives them to action. You have to carefully filter out extraneous information to ensure you deliver a focused message. Then you spend hours toiling over a hot PC to create valuable visuals that bring your presentation to life.

All of this sounds like hard work… and it is. But, as any business person will tell you, it is also incredibly worthwhile when you see the result of your labors — an engaged and empowered internal audience or newly converted prospect. It’s powerful stuff.

Are your presentations wasting away after the live event?

However, the sad truth is that after all this creative fervor, most presentations end up gathering dust. Of course, you may occasionally refer back to an old presentation to poach a slide so you can copy and paste it into new content. But fundamentally, your hard work sits and gets wasted over time.

Take a step back and think about the process you’ve been through to create that presentation. You’ve researched your audience, focused on the key information and developed visuals to help you deliver a compelling message. All that sterling work could (and should) be applied to a much wider landscape of outputs that play an increasingly important role in the marketing mix.

Remember the conversation isn’t over

The move from a ‘frozen in time’ presentation to repurposed and valuable content is blissfully simple. The most important thing is to recognize that the conversation is not over. Your audience has left the room or clicked away from the webinar. But this does not mean they are done with the topic and don’t want more information.

This important but rarely discussed element in presentation success — your audience needs further engagement, not only to solidify the message you’ve shared, but also give them the tools to take your message and share it amongst their own audiences — underpins this approach to presentation repurposing. Never forget that presentations, no matter how important, are just one small facet of your audience’s entire experience with your business.

Treat your presentation as core content

Content management is a perpetual marketing buzzword for good reason: it’s incredibly effective. But there is a caveat — if you’ve ever helped develop such a marketing strategy, you’re aware that, by its nature, this is a content-hungry approach. All the hard work and visuals you developed for the presentation are a great way to feed this.

By viewing your presentation as core content, you can start slicing it up and seeing how you might be able to utilize it in other ways. Most obviously, there will be key slides you could turn into a standalone PDF, an infographic, or maybe as an animated GIF perfect for sharing on social media. This is a great way of re-establishing and re-engaging an audience with your message.

Use presentations for sales enablement

Then, think about the more complex world of sales enablement. How can you use the core materials within your presentation as part of the sales process? There are many ways to use webinar content either as a pre-meeting engagement (perhaps a short document in preparation for the meeting) or as a post-meeting engagement (maybe a personalized animated voice-over version of this delivered online or through technology like an Eyeful Lens).

Effective repurposing starts with a great presentation

There are a multitude of applications — the key is recognizing that presentations are just one part of the process. The great news is that by developing the presentation in a pragmatic, considered, and audience-centric way, it will not only deliver a valuable engagement point, it will also continue providing a great ongoing return on investment.

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I will be working with the team from LogMeIn to demonstrate some simple, practical ways of taking your presentation content and repurposing it in a number of different ways to truly engage audiences and prompt them to action.

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