How Screen Sharing Can Streamline Work for A Creative Team - GotoMeeting

 Screen sharing has become an important tool for all types of internal and external meetings, especially for those that involve visuals everyone needs to see. Creative teams have gravitated towards video conferencing and screen sharing to make team interactions and processes more effective and productive, especially compared to just sending files or using presentation software. Here are some of the ways people in a creative work environment can leverage screen sharing to improve their workflow!

Creative Director/Art Director

Creative directors need a way to dynamically showcase design ideas and final presentations to clients. Screen sharing can save the hassle of having to send a PowerPoint presentation, PDFs of your work, or links to proposed design projects to every single team member involved. Furthermore, when emailing a PowerPoint, you don’t get the chance to get creative and present outside of the slides, if the conversation leads you there. When unveiling a new campaign, screen sharing is a potent way to walk clients through the design process – from conception to finished product. Seeing the evolution of a campaign can help the client better understand how and why the team landed on the final version.

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Graphic designers and illustrators can use various screens to ramp up productivity and effectiveness as well. Sharing split screens enable teams of designers to review sketches and ideas quickly and efficiently before presenting their final work to clients. Team members working together on logo or campaign options can even grab presenter back and forth to suggest changes or edits without slowing their creative ideas down.


Like the graphic designer or illustrator, they can present numerous content options at once to clients or the rest of the creative team. While sharing, the copywriter can make real time edits, revising headlines or copy so the client can see their changes come to life and get to a final decision more quickly. This collaborative approach is a more efficient use of time and can move the creative project along more quickly towards launch.

Project Manager

Project managers need to keep things moving against the deadlines committed to a client. They can use dynamic screen sharing and drawing tools to review specific feedback to the creative team members. The team can interactively make adjustments without needing to have multiple discussions or send separate emails about the clients feedback. Whether it’s the first sit-down with a client or comments on a recent campaign, screen sharing tools help provide quick and consistent visual communication. These features keep everyone informed and drive greater productivity.

Creative Team Training

Sharing your screen can be an efficient method of skills training for new team members. Whether you’re onboarding a new writer or designer, or implementing new brand guidelines, screen sharing is a great way to present content live to multiple people at once. You can teach design elements or edit copy in real time across multiple screens, without everyone gathering to look over your shoulder.
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