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Earlier this summer we announced that GoToMeeting was expanding our offerings to include a variety of solutions for conference and huddle rooms with GoToConference and InRoom Link. Since then we’ve heard from happy customers who have been able to add seamless video conferencing in rooms throughout their office or bring value back to under utilized existing video conference systems.

We recently commissioned a survey to dive a little deeper into the growing trend of video-enabled rooms, and today we are happy share results. The survey covered business professionals over a cross section of industries and departments. About half of respondents told us that they have regular interactions with client’s or partners outside of their company.

Certain themes emerged when viewing the results from the survey:

  • Feeling All Alone: An overwhelming majority of business professionals have found themselves as the sole person to dial into a meeting, while everyone else was in a room. This sometimes leads them to feel unheard, not part of the team and frustrated. Most of the time survey respondents did not share video which may contribute to feeling disconnected.
  • Conference Room Pain Points: Over 46% of respondents found difficulty connecting to the video or monitor in the room. This was followed by poor audio quality and internet connectivity issues for 41% and 39% of survey respondents respectively. Almost a third of respondents found the need for IT to set-up the system. Of the respondents who answered the question a majority had to deal with multiple issues in the conference room.

GoToMeeting allows you to take back control in the conference room to address these problems. With GoToConference and InRoom Link we have you covered from the conference room to the team room. Either solution is drop-dead simple to use and allows you to instantly connect over video to view the entire room at once. With both the in-room and remote workers using video there are fewer missed visual cues or feeling forgotten because part of the group is working elsewhere.

Another benefit of our room systems is that there’s no need for IT to be involved in every meeting. GoToConference is an “out-of-the box” hardware kit that lets you turn any team room into a meeting space for online collaboration. In under ten minutes you can set-up a video conference room system which is always on and ready to run back-to-back meetings. 

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