Get Prepared for Virtual Learning This Fall with GoToRoom - GotoMeeting


We’ve come to (and nearly passed) the dog days of summer. That means that autumn is not only inevitable, it’s right around the corner. And so is the reality that the novel Coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon. That means you have to be prepared for virtual learning in an atmosphere that continues practices like social distancing and erring on the side of caution.

The problem? Even after several months, many of us aren’t exactly sure what a more sustainable version of virtual learning can look like in the age of COVID-19.

The good news is that it’s possible to do more than have one-on-one meetings for learning. With the right technology in place, virtual learning can simulate a classroom environment. And with that environment in place, life will feel more “normal” for students who want to rely on their old routines as they learn. Here’s how to do it.

Change your idea of “back-to-school shopping”

Typically, this time of the year has been reserved for the idea of “back-to-school shopping.” That means pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, backpacks. But in a socially distanced world, we may have to adjust our definitions somewhat.

Consider our GoToRoom kits. We partner with industry leading audio and video hardware providers – like Poly, Dolby and Logitech – to deliver the highest quality connection, for a best-in-class (no pun intended) meeting experience. Room solutions can be customized, using the equipment you prefer, for any type of virtual learning model.

With GoToRoom and Dolby Voice, for example, both students and teachers benefit from several intelligent features that reduce the feeling of distance in a hybrid learning environment:

  • Whiteboard view lets teachers can broadcast an image of their whiteboard to remote students and share their notes in real-time! This allows everyone to collaborate and learn as if the entire class was physically together. For the best resolution, we recommend placing the whiteboard approximately within 12 feet from the camera.
  • Intelligent attendee framing highlights the flow of conversation by learning who’s talking, and reframes the scene on the speaker while still keeping everyone else in view. Furthermore, dynamic leveling boosts quiet voices, improves poor acoustics and distinguishes speech from background noise, so that all students can be heard.
  • If your school is experimenting with a hybrid learning model, you’ll have some students in the classroom while others are remote. But those physically present will need to be socially distanced – and Dolby Voice’s full-room pickup captures near and distant voices, so the conversation being had is the conversation being heard.

But don’t abandon those tried-and-true learning tools just yet!

Intelligent video conferencing kits aside, don’t ignore some of those “old-school” learning tools, either. Consider the following:

  • Using a pencil and pad may still work! According to some studies, drawing may be better for memory. There’s no reason someone can’t continue to practical old-school note-taking methods while embracing the new-school technology to make social distancing possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Handwritten notes can be beneficial. There is plenty of science to suggest that the act of taking handwritten notes helps promote information retention. Part of the goal to use remote learning in the COVID pandemic is to make learning as similar as possible to how it was before the pandemic. Having the remote conference meeting tools in place means that more students can learn on their own terms.

Make remote learning work

With 99% of 55.6 million students home from school, one thing is clear: remote learning is not a passing fad. Even if the Coronavirus changes the way we do things only temporarily, we can expect to see more and more virtual learning take place as it becomes more practical.

The time to prepare isn’t when remote learning is already upon us. The time to start preparing is now. Are you ready? Contact your account representative or request a demo of GoToRoom and Dolby Voice today!