Be More Productive by Freeing Your Fridays of Meetings! - GotoMeeting


Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I find that Friday can be one of my most productive days of the week. The office is a little quieter so I take time to evaluate what happened during the week and write a to-do list of what to get done before the weekend can start. That is, unless my Friday has been hijacked by MEETINGS! As business priorities shift throughout the week it tends to happen pretty often… but I’ve learned some great hacks to avoid that in the future.

Check out the first episode in our new “For The Love of the Meeting” video series, where the experts here at GoToMeeting deliver their top meeting tips. In this episode I share my hacks for how to clear your calendar of those pesky Friday meetings so you can end your week on a more productive note!

To learn how to activate meeting transcripts through smart meeting assistant (my favorite hack!) read this blog post. Stay tuned for more video tips later this month!