Four Ways GoToMeeting Can Keep You Productive During the Holidays - GotoMeeting


Focus more on your stuffing than stuffing all your meetings in at once!

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season! While it’s a great time for food, family, friends and football there’s one thing it’s not great for: working. We all know it can be difficult to detach and enjoy your holiday when you’ve got deadlines to hit or last minute meetings to attend. Whether you’re a traveler at the mercy of the airlines and the spotty WiFi at your relative’s house, or you’re the host and you find yourself having to sacrifice your home office to your houseguests… to check those last things off your to-do list you’re going to need the right tools built to help you work from anywhere.

GoToMeeting is here to help with options that help you stay connected and get work done so that you can balance your dark meat, light meat, and your most important meetings.

  1. Use Messenger to stay in touch with your team. GoToMeeting Business Messenger is a great way to keep group collaboration going during everyone’s crazy holiday schedules. Start by creating a group that includes all your team members so that you can chat from your desktop in the office or from your phone at the airport before you catch that flight. Desktop users can also share important files and all members can click the video icon to immediately launch a meeting. Which leads to the second tip—the mobile app.
  2. Download our mobile app for iOS or Android. GoToMeeting has the #1 rated mobile app for a reason—it’s easy to launch or join a meeting right from your phone and it allows seamless transition from messenger or your desktop. The app has friendly productivity-boosting features like allowing up to six webcams and the ability for one touch sync to your calendar. Oh…and about that calendar…
  3. Stay on-time and up-to-date with our calendar integrations. GoToMeeting integrates into your calendar applications so you don’t miss a meeting…or a flight. You can schedule, sync and start meetings from Outlook and Google calendar so that you stay organized while you’re on the go.
  4. Let Smart Meeting Assistant do the heavy lifting. Whether you’ve got holiday brain or too much turkey has left you in a tryptophan coma, GoToMeeting’s Smart Meeting Assistant can pick up the slack. Transcripts can be easily filtered by speaker, downloaded, copied and shared. So not only will a recorded meeting with a transcript free you from having to take notes, it’ll get all attendees on the same page, even those that missed meetings due to vacation days. And if by chance someone divulged something in the meeting after over-celebrating at the company holiday lunch, the organizer can disable access to the transcript for everyone with just one click.

These features and more were all thoughtfully designed so that you can work the way you want and from where you want. While we support you using these tips to get done what you need to get done, we hope everyone will also take time to unplug and enjoy what you love most this season. Whether that’s football, movies with the family, or a heaping pile of Grandma’s stuffing.

Share your own holiday survival tips in the comments below! Happy Holidays!