Why Onboarding is Key to Choosing an Online Meeting Tool - GotoMeeting


So, you’re ready to implement a new collaboration solution. Obviously, we’ve got an opinion or two about the right choice. But as you evaluate the right fit for your business, a word to the wise: choosing the provider is just the beginning. As the trend to move toward SaaS and away from on-premise solutions increases, unfortunately so too do failed SaaS implementations, with some estimates that over half will eventually fail.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that the promise of your envisioned SaaS transformation can actually become a reality. According to Unleashed, there are “4 Reasons Why SaaS Implementations Fail.” Here are the pitfalls to watch out for:

  1. A lack of clearly defined objectives for implementing cloud-based SaaS
  2. The band-aid approach (expecting the SaaS implementation to band aid over bigger software or systems issues)
  3. Choosing the wrong provider for the needs of the business
  4. The double edged sword of pricing  

The right provider is one who’ll work with a business on all four of the points, but paying particular attention to #3. To avoid a SaaS implementation failure, companies need to consider the provider’s expertise, quality, support, and transparent pricing. That means the key to success is not just a collaboration tool, but a legitimate business partnership!

At GoToMeeting we strive to check the boxes on all four fronts, but nowhere is this partnership more evident than in our customer onboarding and customer success programs. We pride ourselves in welcoming every customer – from the small business to the large enterprise – with customized onboarding, advice on best practices, and live, in-person training. These trainings are offered not just for administrators, but for your end users too, and they truly make a difference! Our users often state that the onboarding was so easy that they were almost immediately more productive when they started using GoToMeeting.

Often new customers who are going through our onboarding process aren’t just implementing a new solution, they’re consolidating legacy tools under the new software. This kind of consolidation is common and highly recommended by industry experts and analysts. Frost & Sullivan points out some of the benefits of this consolidation in a recent whitepaper on frictionless meetings“While many companies have adopted a hodge-podge of collaboration tools over the years, now is the time to settle on a single platform throughout the enterprise. That gives employees a consistent experience, streamlines provisioning and billing, and makes integration simpler on the back end. ” This process can seem daunting, but the right provider will take on the role of a sherpa on this journey to help transition users from their current solution to the new one.

We firmly believe that collaboration tools should be a business partner to their customers. From the evaluation of needs, to finding the right package and price, through onboarding, and with continued support as the business changes and grows. To understand why GoToMeeting is the right partner for your business you can give us a call or request a demo at any time. But for now, we’ll leave you with some additional thoughts from GoToMeeting customers, like why they trust GoToMeeting and why they choose it over the competition.