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Last night’s Super Bowl sure was an interesting one for the folks here at LogMeIn! As colleagues in our Boston HQ were cheering on Tom Brady in the pursuit of his 6th championship ring, those in our West Coast offices went all out rooting for the Rams. Some of us were in it for the snacks, commercials and the meme-worthy moments.

Regardless what you tuned in for, you probably noticed Artificial Intelligence appear in a number of commercials for everything from home security systems to potato chips to beer. Across the board these commercials were written with a twinge of irony, sarcasm, or even a fear of the unknown. The line of SimpliSafe’s commercial put it pretty bluntly: “All I am saying is in five years, robots will be able to do your job.” These ads align with a narrative that consumers are meeting the idea of artificial intelligence with some trepidation or confusion of what’s to come.

Coming from a leading SaaS company during a time of rapid innovation, we get it! Technological advances are happening faster than ever before. New software leveraging cognitive technologies and natural language processing is popping up in new places in work and life that many of us never expected. A decade ago you’d never imagine saying “Alexa, pop my popcorn” and getting your favorite snack minutes later. But here we are! Despite the storylines in these commercials, our perspective remains that AI is not here to replace the human experience, but to enhance it. It’s built to take the mundane off your plate. To free you from the infinite to-do list, and enable you and all your colleagues to do what you we humans best – ideate, innovate, brainstorm, collaborate.

You can see this come to life in a very real way with GoToMeeting’s Smart Meeting Assistant. By recording and transcribing your meetings, we’ve eliminated the need for note-taking and the headaches of scheduling. Your meeting instantly becomes more about what’s truly important – the content of the meeting – rather than the logistics, setup, and housekeeping.

Watch the video below to learn how to embrace some AI in your own workday with smart meeting assistant.