Check Off Your To-Do List With Ease This Holiday Season - GotoMeeting


Although it’s been said, many times, many ways… the holidays can get stressful as family events and travel conflict with intimidating work deadlines.

Okay, those aren’t the lyrics. But if you’re feeling frazzled trying to balance work, fun and family time, we don’t just understand – we’re here to help! Those of you who tuned in to our holiday-themed webinar a couple of weeks ago heard all about our newest GoToMeeting features. Below, we’ll clue you in on how you can use them to your advantage this holiday season to stay productive (and sane).

Problem#1: Overlapping “OOO” Messages.

‘Out of office’ replies are a dime a dozen this time of year. Your manager is on vacation, co-workers are visiting family – it seems like holiday celebrations start earlier and earlier every year. Whether your peers are heading out today, tomorrow, or maybe they’ve already left – staying productive through the holidays can feel like a herculean effort.

The Fix: Scheduling time to connect with colleagues scattered across several time zones is hard enough in the ‘off season’. To keep your momentum going during the holidays, use cloud recording and Smart Meeting Assistant to share a handoff or update. With cloud recording, you don’t need to reschedule a meeting because one or two people are unable to attend. As the host, simply press the record button and send out the link for feedback and follow-up. It’s our favorite way to avoid the hassle of conflicting schedules.

Problem #2: Meeting Crashers or Lingering Attendees.

Let’s face it, the weeks and days leading up to the holidays are always full of chaos, especially with people going out of town. You’re trying to meet deadlines for this year while simultaneously juggling planning and strategy for the coming year. Time is precious, and your days are booked. With back-to-back meetings, “party crashers” may seem unavoidable. And if you find yourself in a meeting that’s running over, it can be awkward to address the attendee(s) and let them know you’re not ready.

The Fix: Keep wandering eyes out of your meetings with Meeting Lock! When you lock a meeting, no attendees can interrupt your session. No awkward introductions, no uninvited guests – just the added privacy that comes with having complete control of your schedule.

Problem #3: Unreliable connections.

The holidays aren’t the same without some quality family time. But when you’re headed over the river and through the woods, you probably don’t have the best Wi-Fi. (Or worse – you’re on a desktop computer from 1998). But don’t let the fear of unpredictable technology keep you from heading to grandma’s house a few days early!

The Fix: The GoToMeeting mobile app gives you the flexibility to accomplish everything you would in a “normal” meeting. Share your screen, join a video conference or dial-in to an audio-only meeting. Laptops may be getting lighter and lighter, but it’s still no picnic carrying one around in the airport. Ditch the baggage and keep everything you need for work in the palm of your hand! You can join meetings over the phone or using Wi-Fi. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to join or host a meeting no matter what your connectivity looks like.

Problem #4: Last-minute fire drills.

Picture this: It’s New Year’s Eve. The snow is falling. The champagne is chilled. You’re occasionally checking your email. And good thing you did, because your manager needs you to tweak some documentation that needs to be finalized by the end of the year. You need to assemble your team – fast.

The Fix: Use Call Me, GoToMeet.Me, and/or presenter swap to collaborate quickly and easily. When you’re in a rush, the last thing you have time for is dialing a 9-digit access code. Call Me makes joining a meeting as simple as answering a phone call, connecting you to your team in seconds. With your personalized meeting URL, your team knows exactly where you reach you. And finally, presenter swap allows each of you to pass presenter back and forth, so the necessary edits can be made well before the clock strikes midnight. It’s a match made in meeting heaven.

At GoToMeeting, we truly value our vacations and family time. But like anyone else out there, we’re all trying to meet looming deadlines and ensure we’re in a great place for the new year. When work is pushing and life is pulling, remote work can be the perfect middle-ground. We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful in achieving the work-life balance we all need this holiday season! Happy Holidays!