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Most marketers are skilled at gaining the attention of new customers, but fewer are successful at cultivating their customers’ trust and support for the long-term.

Webinars are an effective method of both building and sustaining trust, which helps an organization connect with prospects and customers and distinguish itself from competitors. In fact, 93% of marketing users say GoToWebinar helps improve customer relationships.

In this post, I’ll highlight how an investment in interactive webinars earns a customer’s trust and helps a business stand out for the right reasons.

Webinars support customer research

According to Edelman’s Trust Barometer, dependability is a key component of gaining a person’s trust. Being dependable as a business is accomplished by consistently share useful information aligned with your customers’ interests.

Webinars are an ideal medium for gathering in-depth feedback from prospects and customers about the questions they have, the challenges they’re facing and what they need help with.

Since a webinar is a live discussion, it presents an opportunity for the company spokesperson leading the presentation to interact directly with attendees.

The ability to have more extensive conversations with customers in real-time than is possible on social media or email, allows your business to learn from your audience.

These learnings can help make all your marketing more informed and eventually, more dependable if you’re continuously sharing resources of interest to your customers.

Create interactive events, not static presentations

Webinars that truly deliver interactive experiences on an ongoing basis are what make a lasting impression with customers and differentiate a brand from its peers.

Many companies embrace a medium like webinars the same way they’ve always been used by following best practices but not really thinking about what they can uniquely offer.

An interactive event is far more impactful than a static presentation as it’s an opportunity to get personal since a member of your team is leading the discussion.

Select who will lead the webinar based on their expertise, personality, and most importantly, their ability to communicate in an engaging way. An engaging webinar is one where the host is talking in a conversational tone, references the challenges and experiences of the audience and is distinctly positive.

Structure each webinar so there are multiple opportunities for the host to answer questions from attendees and in some cases, have them share their ideas with the group.

Most webinars, like the ones run by your competitors, share information in a one-way monologue and tend to communicate in a boring, monotonous tone.

Webinars that foster a dialogue provide more opportunities for a customer to interact with a company and determine whether the information they’re sharing is trustworthy.

Building trust at each stage of the customer’s journey

Trust is earned through multiple, meaningful interactions between a customer and a business. Make webinars a key part of your marketing strategy across the customer journey from the awareness, consideration, decision and loyalty stage.

Businesses often rely on webinars to generate leads as a means of initially capturing the attention of their audience, but there’s more to gain from webinars.

Try webinars that cater to existing customers that likely have distinct challenges to address and a different level of familiarity with your organization.

For example, creating an interactive webinar for existing customers at the loyalty stage should focus on teaching them how to advance their use of your company’s solutions. This could mean hosting a webinar that educates attendees on the skills necessary to take on new responsibilities in their role or find additional uses for your products.

Aim to repeatedly reach your customers with webinars across their journey to deliver ongoing value that positions your organization as a dependable, trustworthy partner.

If you’re interested in cultivating trust through webinars, read the white paper, Winning The Game of Trust: How Interactive Webinars Differentiate Your Brand and Win Moments of Trust at Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

Winning the game of trust with webinars