Book clubs, Music, Sustainability, Oh My: GoToMeeting is More Than Just Meetings - GotoMeeting


Our customers always inspire us through the amazing work they do, especially in these unprecedented times. So, it’s no surprise that they’re finding unique ways to use GoToMeeting to stay connected with colleagues, friends and family.

Here are seven unique ways we’ve seen our customers use GoToMeeting for more than meetings!

  1. Recording original music with colleagues. The team at Conga embraced their collective creativity and wrote and performed an original song titled “Until We’re Together Again” on GoToMeeting. The song details the new realities of working from home amidst COVID-19, with some humorous one-liners about the team’s unique work from home situations to keep it fun, relatable, and entertaining. Listen to the song here.
  2. Enjoying a cultural experience at home. Chicago’s Theater Wit is now livestreaming the play, “Teenage Dick”. Described as a “pretty hilarious take” on Shakespeare’s “Richard III”, the theater says it makes for the perfect night in. After the show, viewers can participate in a real-time discussion with the cast and crew on GoToMeeting. Theater Wit artistic director Jeremy Wechsler says, “…having that sense of connection to the larger culture, I think, is invaluable right now.” Learn more about the play here.
  3. Hosting book clubs. OCNC Public Library in North Carolina and Oceanside Library in New York are hosting virtual book clubs and group chats on GoToMeeting. This is a unique way to bring people together through the sharing of ideas on literature, sports, movies and more – all while adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  4. Strengthening the body and mind. Fraser Public Schools has been using GoToMeeting for strengthening the minds of their students through virtual education during this isolating time. But that’s not the only way they’re leveraging this solution. As part of their Wellness Wednesday series, they recently invited the school community to participate in a virtual yoga class over GoToMeeting to encourage the strengthening of physical and mental wellness during spring break! Learn more about their story here.
  5. Encouraging socialization and community connection. SUSE, an opensource software company based in Germany, is promoting fun ways for their community to connect and socialize through pub quizzes, yoga and meditations hosted on GoToMeeting. This serves as a much-needed break during a stressful and uncertain time.
  6. Engaging senior living communities. Connected Living provides technology solutions to seniors and their families to empower resident engagement. In an effort to uphold resident safety during the pandemic, group activities have been cancelled and residents are required to stay in their apartments. To prevent isolation and provide necessary socialization, intellectual stimulation, and emotional support, Connected Living is leveraging GoToMeeting in unique ways. They’re teaching the communities they support how to start YouTube channels and stream live video. They held a community-wide bingo game where 30 residents signed up. Virtual wellness and meditation classes as well as coffee chats have also taken place. Although at first it poses a bit of a learning curve for the elderly, GoToMeeting is providing a new method by which residents can stay connected during this time of separation.
  7. Agricultural and sustainability education. Sweet Farm is the first non-profit sanctuary in the world that addresses the impact of farming across animals, plants and the planet. To continue their work providing education about agriculture, farm-animal rescue and the technology that makes sustainable farming possible amidst COVID-19, they have partnered with LogMeIn and GoToMeeting to introduce “Goat-2-Meeting”. This service connects schools, businesses and other organizations with – you guessed it, a goat – or one of their other farm animals, over GoToMeeting to encourage joy and levity. Read more about our partnership here.

Are you using GoTo in unconventional ways? We want to hear from you! Give us a shout by sharing your own stories using the hashtag #workfromhere on the social network(s) of your choice.