Why B2B Marketers Should be Using Webinars at all Stages of the Customer Journey [Infographic] - GoToWebinar


As B2B marketers, it’s our job to create demand for our products. But while we’re busy showing off features and competitive differentiators, we’re ignoring what really drives purchases and customer loyalty – emotional connections.

In the age of AI-powered chatbots, automated emails, and programmatic advertising, an emotional, personal connection is the ultimate differentiator. According to a study sponsored by Google, “B2B customers are significantly more emotionally connected to their vendors and service providers than consumers” and it’s this connection that drives purchases.

This is where webinars help B2B marketers shine. Webinars improve marketing performance and customer relationships because they provide a rare opportunity for B2B brands to connect with their audience in a real and human way.Win them over with webinars