Announcing the New On-Demand Video Platform, GoToStage - GoToWebinar


Today we are excited to announce the beta launch of GoToStage— a brand new on-demand video platform where marketers can publish their webinars and video content to reach new audiences and drive greater demand.

Your New Favorite Lead Channel

Instead of letting your old webinars collect dust, you can put them to work on GoToStage, where professionals across industries will discover your valuable content, while you’ll generate more qualified leads.

Easy and Scalable

With one click, GoToWebinar customers can upload their webinars to the platform where viewers can find them according to the topics and brands they’re interested in. You can also create branded, customizable “channel pages” so all your videos are in one place for easy sharing and organic discoverability. Viewers will be able to subscribe to your channel page or relevant topics so they stay up-to-date on the latest content.

And This is Only the Beginning

But we know you don’t just care about expanding your reach — you’ve got to be able to measure results. GoToStage also intends to provide deep, actionable reporting and analytics so you know who’s watching your videos and how engaged they were. You’ll automatically get lead contact information without lifting a finger. We’ve got big things planned to continue to grow and improve our beta launch of GoToStage.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new community where you can connect and engage with a whole new audience. To learn more, visit