Amazon Advertising Saves Hours of Work Per Month with GoToWebinar's Reporting Dashboard - GotoMeeting


Amazon Advertising has been a crucial force in reinventing the way advertisers and agencies build brands and drive performance. With an established foundation in e-commerce, Amazon helps organizations of all sizes leverage creative solutions to connect with the right audience. This has helped Amazon find, attract, and engage with millions of brands and users worldwide.

Amazon Advertising had reached the maximum capacity of attendees for their webinars, which restricted access to new users. Their existing webinar platform also lacked a single, intuitive dashboard with which to track attendee insights, forcing Amazon to manually track metrics. The e-commerce giant needed an effective alternative to boost its communication system and enhance the webinar experience with partner brands and sellers.

GoToWebinar by LogMeIn emerged as an ideal tool for Amazon Advertising’s requirements. It has provided the retail giant with the means to engage and interact with groups of users as large as 1,500 with minimal hassles, if any at all. Extended product support by LogMeIn has enabled the publishing of webinar schedules and past recordings through a dedicated GoToStage channel, which Amazon is able to leverage for audience engagement post-webinar.

So far, the team has seen some notable results. GoToWebinar’s integrated reporting analytics dashboard has helped save Amazon Advertising up to 12-man hours per month and an improved webinar experience has even positively impacted customer satisfaction scores.

“It is very important to keep up with ever growing consumer demands and GoTo provides the perfect solution to meet them. The constantly evolving features and in-depth analytics that the platform provides, helped us educate over 30k advertisers in a year,” said Raina Guha, Marketing Manager at Amazon Advertising.

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