6 Reasons Why Content Marketers are Crazy for Webinars - GoToWebinar


It’s no secret content marketers are busy. To some it’s a blessing, for others, a curse. But no matter what, no one can say it’s a boring job.

For content marketers, it’s crucial to focus your energy on the content that will really make a difference to the bottom line. Just adding another blog post or eBook to the noise won’t do. One of the best ways to create valuable content that will impact your business is the webinar.

Not sure you’re ready to take on webinars? Check out six reasons why content marketers love them.

1. Webinars are cost-effective

You don’t need a multimillion dollar marketing budget to produce high-quality webinars. Invest in the right tools and take the time to build out a scalable webinar production plan, and you’ll be on track to save time and money without sacrificing quality. Unlike like videos or eBooks, webinars don’t come with high production or design costs.

You can also promote your webinars without breaking the bank, especially when you partner with other leaders in your space who can promote to their audience. Sit back and watch as the free leads roll in.

2. Webinars are super engaging

No one wants yet another eBook sitting unread in their inbox. While static forms of content like white papers and eBooks can contain a ton of useful information, it’s tough to hold an audience’s attention with this kind of content. It’s even tougher to measure engagement with these assets.

Webinars are a unique medium that combine audio and visual elements that keep participants engaged in a way a PDF just can’t. They also give attendees the chance to actually participate in a two-way conversation through Q&As, polls and surveys.

The best part? You can easily measure an attendee’s level of engagement by looking at how long they stayed on the webinar and how active they were. In fact, GoToWebinar uses these metrics and more  to score each attendee’s engagement. You can then use this metric to score leads and measure the success of your webinar.

3. Webinars are a great source for repurposed content

There are countless ways to repurpose webinars into great content. They’re perfect source content for eBooks, SlideShare presentations, infographics, blog posts, social media posts and images, and video. You have the benefit of visuals and audio that can be easily recut and reused in new ways. Your nurturing and social media teams will be thrilled to have so many new forms of fresh content, and you will be able to kick back and not stress about having to come up with brand new content every day.

4. Webinars keep on giving

Webinars have a long shelf life. Once they’re over and all the work is done, you can still reap the rewards. How? As mentioned above you can give webinars new life by reincarnating them into other forms of content.

You can also make your webinars available on-demand so new audiences can discover them. Some surveys indicate that the vast majority of people prefer to watch webinars on-demand. Use old webinars to generate new leads by hosting them on your website and incorporating them into blogs and nurturing streams.

5. Measuring ROI is easy

ROI is everything to content marketers. If you can’t prove how your content contributed to your business goals, why would you create it? But measuring content ROI is one of marketer’s top challenges.

Webinars are extremely measurable… and you’ll be thrilled with the results. In fact, according to InsideSales.com, 73% of marketing and sales leaders say that webinars are the best way to generate quality leads.

GoToWebinar makes it easy to sync your webinar registrations with your marketing automation so you can see exactly how many leads your webinar generated. With audience engagement scoring, you can also measure the quality of those leads, giving your a clear picture of ROI.

6. Webinars are flexible and dynamic

Need to create a product tour? Looking for a way to educate your customers on a new marketing trend? Want to host a thought leadership Q&A with experts in your space? The webinar is a perfect way to convey messages that would be too difficult or boring in any other format. With features like polls, video, and chat, webinars are also incredibly flexible and dynamic, giving you the freedom to create unique experiences that are much more than a speaker and a few slides.

If you’re interested in learning more, read our white paper, 4 Reasons Webinars Help Content Marketers Win.