6 Apps to Stay Connected On-The-Go This Labor Day - GotoMeeting


We’ve all suffered from the inescapable anxiety caused by being disconnected from work during travel – whether it’s for work or play – especially when important tasks and deadlines loom. Luckily, there are a myriad of apps available that can keep you organized and on track during those times you can’t help but check in on work.

If you feel like the Labor Day holiday snuck up on you and you’ve got a few things to finish before you can fully check out this weekend, try out a few of our favorite business apps that can help you stay connected no matter where you are.


The first step to a successful and organized trip is the ability to keep your itinerary in order, especially when you’re headed to multiple destinations. Simply email all your trip confirmation emails to TripIt and it will create an easy to read itinerary accessible from any device.


With this app, you can eliminate the separation anxiety you often experience while being away from your desktop while traveling. This remote access tool allows you to log-in to your Mac or PC from any device. Once the app is installed it’s easy to access your programs, files or applications from anywhere.

Google Drive

Have you ever been on vacation and realized you forgot to send an important document to a team member before you left? Store your documents in Google Drive for easy sharing and collaboration among teams. You even have the ability to edit or share documents if you need to jump in to help on a last-minute project.


Despite being out of office, deadlines can still impend your ability to sit back and relax. Asana gives you the ability to manage projects from anywhere in the world. Track your team’s progress from start to finish and send reminders to keep teammates responsible for their to do lists – even when you’re on the go.


Thanks to Grasshopper, you’ll never miss an important business call when you’re out of office and away from your desk. Add a second business line to your mobile phone to answer calls or easily forward them to a colleague to ensure you’ve got things covered, even on vacation.


Obviously we couldn’t leave ourselves off this list! GoToMeeting is a great tool when you need to duck out early, but can’t miss that last meeting of the day. With desktop and mobile apps, you can take a audio or video call from your home office while you pack, or your cell phone while you sit in that inevitable pre-holiday weekend traffic. Either way, you won’t miss a thing.