4 Meetings You Can Stop Scheduling and Start Recording! - GotoMeeting


Meeting recording is a truly hidden gem of GoToMeeting. It’s a surprisingly underutilized feature that can really simplify your day-to-day if you think outside the box a little bit.

Recorded meetings provide a more flexible way of sharing and consuming information, without the time constraints of a typical meeting. It’s just like an on-demand movie – you can watch it anytime, rewind, skip ahead to the good parts, and delete it when you’re done. If only you could share on-demand movies as easily as our recorded meetings!

We’ve made improvements to the recording capability this year including cloud recording and the ability to record your webcam. So we’d like to share a few creative ways to weave meeting recordings into your workflow that can save you time and scheduling headaches.

Leave a Lasting Business Introduction

We often find ourselves working with new people. Maybe you’ve joined a new company, started working with a new team, or kicked a project off with a new vendor. Recording an introductory meeting is a great way to foster new relationships and align on responsibilities from the start. Stakeholders can reference the recording later to remind themselves of key roles, goals, or processes that were set. It’s a great way to just get to know a team better if you’re new or work in different locations. You can record a personal introduction just using video or with some slides to help!

meeting recording

Share a Project Outcome with a Busy Team

On the other end of the introductions are the project conclusions. Say you’ve finished a project, and you have amazing results to share with the team. It’s not always easy to get time on everyone’s calendar when they’re already busy with the next project. Instead of sending a long readout email with slides attached, record yourself talking through a 15 minute synopsis of the most important outcomes. Suggest your team listen to it on their commute, or on a slow day, and let them know they can follow up with further questions. Make knowledge sharing easier for everyone!

Give a Client an Update with a Personal Touch

When you have busy customers or clients, scheduling an hour meeting can be the most challenging part of working together. Try to reserve the live online meetings for when you truly need to collaborate and discuss big milestones and leverage recordings for progress and news in between live meetings. You can record at a time that’s convenient for you, then send the link to the customer to watch when it’s convenient for them. Record your webcam with this update to provide a more personal touch to the partnership.

Sign-Off for Vacation Over Video

In today’s hyper-connected world, we know how hard it is to completely detach when on vacation. Knowing that you left your colleagues prepared can help you confidently sign off for a long period of time.

Record a detailed explanation of the status of what you’re working on, talking through all the nitty-gritty nuances that might be too overwhelming (or time-consuming) to write up in an email. Your co-workers can reference the recording later and skip around to the parts that are relevant to them. And you can enjoy your time off and disconnect, knowing you left everyone totally up-to-date.

Cloud Recording, including webcam recording, is available for all GoToMeeting Pro and Plus users. To get started, ask your account admin to activate this feature. Read this blog post for more on how to activate and use Cloud Recording!