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Today we have a guest post from Mike Agron. Mike is an entrepreneur, speaker, thought leader, author and the executive webinar producer and co-founder of WebAttract, LLC. WebAttract is a professional services organization of B2B webinar experts, helping sales and marketing professionals excel at using webinars for demand creation to convert more prospects into customers.

When he’s not producing webinars, Mike is an avid road cyclist. In September 2011, Mike rode 525 miles from San Francisco to L.A. in the California Coast Classic bicycle tour to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation.

I have worked with hundreds of companies – from Fortune 500 to two-person startups – that were not getting the results they expected from their webinar program because they tried to shortcut the planning process.  Do you know what you get when you do that?


The key to successful demand-generation webinars boils down to doing three things really well:

  1. Target and attract the right audience.
  2. Keep your audience engaged.
  3. Follow up after the webinar.

Here are three practical tips to help you succeed at your next webinar.

Tip #1: Work the plan

You have to start with a work plan to identify and track your objectives. Included in this plan should be the details of whom you are trying to reach, what you want them to do and the details of the topic you are discussing. This work plan helps you profile your target audience, identify the desired outcomes, document your messaging ideas and, finally, define your success factors and a call to action. At the end of the webinar, what do you want attendees to do?

Tip #2: Write a compelling invitation

Using the work plan, craft an invitation subject line that will compel the recipient to want to open your invite and, after reading it, click on the registration button to attend the webinar. This sounds simple enough, but I find that most invitations don’t present the topic as a “must have.” Must-have information describes a pain point, and the audience you are looking for is not indifferent; they are either dissatisfied with the status quo or are actively looking for a new solution or provider to solve a vexing business challenge. This is the time to use your thought leadership. This is your opportunity to add value and to educate your audience. If you don’t communicate the must-have value of your webinar, you can bet your invite won’t get opened and considered. The invitation is where the qualifying and selling really begins.

Tip #3: Track your progress using metrics

Metrics help you track and measure your progress to reach your target audience. A good predictor of webinar performance is the click-through rate (CTR). This measures how many people coming to your landing page register and how many don’t complete the form or even start to fill it out. CTR and five other key metrics are explained in more detail in the ebook download below and will help you benchmark your performance.

You’re already on your way to producing more engaging and better performing webinars! I wish you continued success in meeting and achieving your webinar demand-creation objectives. Please share your questions and comments.

Download the ebook: WebinarReady: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Successful Webinars