Intelligent Collaboration from the Road to the Room - GotoMeeting


Meetings have always been considered a crucial part of the workday. Meetings are happening every hour of every day to generate ideas, discuss problems and identify solutions. However, meetings are not the end-all-be-all of getting work done. In fact, it’s rare that an entire project is completed in only one meeting. We see collaboration as more of a constant in your workday, where great productivity is happening before, during and after meetings.

With every new feature that is brought to life within GoToMeeting, we’re aiming to improve your experience in each one of these phases of collaboration. But we also know that building new features doesn’t mean anything if they aren’t reliable. In today’s working world you need to be able to connect with anyone at any time, whether you’re calling in from your mobile phone or gathering in conference rooms across the globe.

Check out the latest GoToMeeting features we’ve built to deliver a more productive, intelligent collaboration experience every single time:

  • Save time by joining meetings with a single click or voice command:
    • All new Siri mobile voice commands for iOS devices
    • Enhanced Calendar Plugins for Office 365 and Google Calendar
    • Mobile Commuter Mode for effective meetings on the go
  • Be more productive after a meeting with updates to Smart Meeting Assistant:
    • Effortless Video to Slide technology for easy post meeting recaps through PowerPoint
    • Transcripts have been taken to the next level with Closed Captioning to correspond with the video recording
  • Manage and provision users more easily with improved tools for admins:
    • A brand new Meeting Diagnostic Report gives an inside look at quality based metrics for every user
    • New active directory connector, SCIM provisioning and Single Sign-On company wide

This is the first of many feature improvements that you’ll see coming out this year as we strive to improve your entire day of collaboration. Learn more about all these features and more of what’s to come at