New GoTo Resolve IT Asset Management capabilities help simplify device oversight and management



Today’s IT professionals are being asked to support a growing number of devices and peripherals like desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, monitors, printers, routers, and more to maintain productivity. To keep up with the pace of digital transformation, businesses of all sizes need to invest in asset management solutions that enable IT leaders to oversee and track this wide range of devices and manage their overall lifecycle.

That’s why I'm excited about the new IT asset management features now available in GoTo Resolve. We’ve heard from many IT leaders that they are either not tracking any assets, are manually tracking assets in spreadsheets, or are using one-off, disconnected asset management tools. Regardless of the approach today, the common theme among IT professionals is that their current approach to inventorying is neither easy nor worth the effort investment.

GoTo Resolve’s IT asset management aims to solve this. GoTo Resolve IT Asset Management allows teams to coordinate the onboarding and assignment of their organization’s hardware, streamline workflows, and increase visibility over their tech stack. Overall, it simplifies the lifecycle management of company hardware, allowing teams to keep track of their fleet and retire devices before they break. And being natively integrated with everything else GoTo Resolve offers – remote support and access, remote monitoring and management, task automation, and ticketing – new asset management features remove friction and make IT even easier.

With the new IT Asset Management, GoTo Resolve now includes value-adding features like:

  • Inventory oversight and auditing: Seamlessly import in bulk or manually view and add details from managed devices pertaining to hardware status, warranty period, location, and confirm accuracy between stock and financial records.
  • Security and compliance management: Compile auditing documentation, view detailed asset profiles, and easily identify devices or users to ensure your data and devices are safeguarded.
  • Alerts and cost forecasting: See a comprehensive overview of managed hardware including upcoming end-of-life assets, set automated alerts for warranty and lifecycle periods to avoid unnecessary charges, and make informed decisions on equipment based on budget and anticipated costs.
  • Incident organization: Automatically capture IT ticket history from assets to provide comprehensive records and easily update information in the service desk (feature coming soon for GoTo Resolve!)


If you are in the market for a consolidated IT management and support solution with hardware asset management, GoTo Resolve can empower your IT teams to proactively track, support, secure, and manage devices across your organization. But don’t just take our word for it!

Nate Anderson, IT Director at Central Illinois Radiological Associates, Ltd., spoke on his organization's experience using the new solution, saying: "GoTo Resolve Asset Management is 100 times better than what we were using before, we love it! Having every device in one area is a great experience!"

See why GoTo Resolve’s best-in-class innovation was awarded 82 unique badges in G2 Research’s recent Fall 2023 market report, including recognition as a Leader in the IT support space and Easiest Setup for Small Businesses.

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