GoTo Resolve and Slack: A match made for IT

Two cyclists riding side-by-side on a forest track representing the new integration between GoTo Resolve and Slack.

A few months into 2022 and one thing is clear, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to how or where we work. In 2019 we pretty much all commuted each and every day to an office (I think we can all agree that was the worst. Never happening again!). In 2020 and 2021 we all went fully remote (hello sourdough bread and deep conversations with our cat). In both of these scenarios our IT teams were either fully focused on supporting seamless in-office work, or fully at-home work. Now in 2022 we find ourselves in the new (and likely permanent) world of hybrid work. It’s great for mental health and flexibility, but boy can the super dispersed workforce that may be in an office one day, and home the next take a toll on our IT teams.

At GoTo we are all about simplifying and removing the friction and delays in IT support – especially in hybrid work environments – to remove some of this burden from our IT teams. This is exactly why we introduced our newest product, GoTo Resolve earlier this year. GoTo Resolve brings our decades of remote support experience to a completely modern IT support experience by unifying all the tools small and midsize businesses (SMBs) need to manage and support employees in a flexible, secure, and conversational way.

But we didn’t want to stop at just a great support tool. We want to make sure that our tools work with your tools. Which is why we are so excited today to announce our brand new GoTo Resolve and Slack integration. With the Slack integration, we’re able to bring the GoTo Resolve conversational ticketing experience to another universe of businesses…we’re talking over 10 million daily active users (and Giphy pros – IYKYK).

The new integration between GoTo Resolve and Slack solves common gaps in accessing support to avoid taking support needs out of the workflow channel, which results in employees reaching out to agents directly and/or not opening tickets at all. It also streamlines the support process in one place. If some back and forth dialogue is required to get additional information or troubleshoot, this can result in delays with notifications or discussions happening across disparate channels (and sometimes not captured in the ticket). Check out all this new integration can do for admins, agents, and end users – try it today!

GoTo Resolve’s Slack App Functionality at a Glance

For Agents and Admins:

  • Configure multiple Helpdesk services (e.g., IT Support, HR Support, etc.)
  • View and manage tickets
  • Comment on tickets
  • Start a remote support session from the ticket

For End Users:

  • Open tickets from any channel
  • View and update open tickets
  • Review agent comments
  • Accept a remote support session request

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