Block Unwanted Calls: 3 Simple Call Filter Solutions from Jive

When it comes to call filtering, we’ve all been there. Let’s say your top client calls in and gets tangled up in the menu options, is directed to the wrong department, and gets bounced around to multiple people before finally reaching the person he or she originally called for. Or let’s say a customer had a bad experience and calls simply to harass your staff.

Jive’s call filtering feature eliminates these frustrations, enabling you to push through only those calls you want, and to block calls you don’t. Call filters require that you know the numbers you wish to filter. Once you have those, you can configure call filter settings in the Jive online portal.

Here are three ways Jive’s call filters cut down on your frustration level and increase your efficiency at work:

#1. Auto Direct / Accept

Also known as “whitelisting,” this feature allows you to direct calls from designated number immediately to you, bypassing all other call options, auto attendants, and gates. This means you can give your VIPs the royal treatment and push their calls directly to you so there’s no risk they get lost in the menu or directed to the wrong extension.

#2. Auto Divert

Auto Divert allows users to configure their Jive phone system so it automatically directs calls coming from a specific number to a specified extension or dial plan. Other optional responses are to send the call to a voicemail box or sound clip. This way, you don’t have to deal with unwanted and annoying callers.

#3. Auto RejectThis feature allows administrators to blacklist specific phone numbers, meaning all calls from the specified number are immediately and automatically rejected. Beyond simply disconnecting the unwanted call, other responses include continued ringing with no answer, or directing the call to a customized message before hanging up. Similar to Auto Divert, this call filter eliminates the ability for calls from certain numbers to get through to you, allowing you to focus on important callers.Here’s what customers are saying about Jive’s call filtering:

“With Jive, we mostly use the feature that lets us transfer and block marketing calls that we don’t want.”

-Consumer Affairs, Laura, Riverside, CA