1. DeCSS
    DeCSS ZIP Main Mirror Secondary Mirror. Another Mirror. CSS-Auth.gz. MD5 Sums: 5b8347b8b857f8470b8dbd9a905fc194 css-auth.tar.gz d0aff684327a5c7bf11095e42ec3cae DeCSS.zip
  2. DeCSS Software Distribution Center - Pigdog
    DeCSS Software Distribution Center About DeCSS | Making a Mirror | ... decss.zip: a zip'ped version for Windows 95, ...
  3. DeCSS Mirror
    DeCSS Mirror. Contents: Humpin.org Mirror List; Cryptanalysis of CSS; ... DeCSS.zip 1.2.1b, CSS decryption using player keys. 32-bit Windows executable only. (57K)
  4. Another DeCSS Mirror - wooledge.org
    DeCSS.zip dvd-munitions.tar.gz (source code) Diebold Memos HDCP master key. The page you were most likely looking for has been moved here: Greg's Domain.
  5. Top Secret Dossier on Matthew Marjanovic - MIT CSAIL
    Matthew J. Marjanovic, maddog@ai.mit.edu MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ... DeCSS.zip: css-auth.tar.gz: Check out the Gallery of CSS Descramblers ...
  6. Linux DVD, DeCSS sources and DeCSS mirror list
    9d0d8a71aa3b146d70b6f923da693d19 decss121b.zip d0aff684327a5c7bf110951e42ec3cae DeCSS.zip 8653090161e8f287d365132acb098581 css-auth.tar.gz ...
  7. deCSS mirrors - Berkman Center
    List of mirrors in domain : .com . ftp://bbeaton.tzo.com (last ... http://dbzauctions.tripod.com/decss.zip (last checked : Sun May 7 18:47:24 2000; STATUS: ...
  8. deCSS mirrors - Harvard University
    http://dirtass.beyatch.net/decss.zip (last checked : Sun May 7 19:06:23 2000; STATUS: 500 / Can't connect to dirtass.beyatch.net:80 ...
  9. The DeCSS Mirror Page - Ziggo
    DeCSS.ZIP css-auth.tar.gz Go to my totally uninteresting Homepage ...
  10. CSS
    The files: DeCSS.zip css-auth.tar.gz The flyers: Flyer in English Flyer in Nederlands. www.2600.org
  11. You have one bat and there are 100 million holes - Linas
    http://www.humpin.org/decss/DeCSS.zip and http://www.humpin.org/decss/decss.tar.gz; http://www.chello.nl/~f.vanwaveren/css-auth/css-auth.tar.gz; http://www.vexed.net/CSS;
  12. recess_for_css - azillionmonkeys.com
    http://www.2600.com/news/1999/1112-files/DeCSS.zip/ Withdrawn http://www.2600.com/news/1999/1112-files/css-auth.tar.gz Withdrawn http ...
  13. Declaration of Bruce E. Boyden (MPAA) for Plaintiffs in ...
    Declaration of Bruce E. Boyden (MPAA) for Plaintiffs in MPAA v. Reimerdes, Corley and Kazan (Declaration of Bruce E. Boyden, Esq. in Support of Paintiffs' Application ...
  14. CSS Stuff - WiW
    CSS Stuff. Just some CSS stuff because there's nothing illegal about it, although the DVD Copy Control Association seems to think so. decss.zip
  15. DVD- How to break DVD code!! Copy DVD's
    http://FreeDVD.8m.com/DeCSS.zip . By the way here is a easy way to get paid to do what your doing right now. Surf the web. Click here to get paid to surf the NET.